Appcore Verified as Citrix Solution Advisor Partner

In our latest blog, Why Did Appcore Choose Citrix and CloudStack over OpenStack, we discussed several benefits Citrix offers their partners including programs such as the Citrix Solution Advisor and Citrix Ready program.

Appcore chose to take part in both of these programs to allow our customers to gain the simplicity and flexibility of cloud services while providing the expertise of deploying service provider clouds.

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Webinar Q&A: Citrix CloudPlatform for Service Providers: It Just Works!

Last month Appcore partnered with Citrix to host our latest webinar, Citrix CloudPlatform for Service Providers: It Just Works. During the webinar, we discussed various topics including the competitive cloud landscape, the benefits of Citrix CloudPlatform for service providers and the pitfalls to avoid when deploying a cloud.

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CloudStack vs OpenStack - Which is Right for You?

Today's blog post is an excerpt from our latest eBook, CloudStack vs OpenStack - Apache CloudStack: It Just Works for Service Providers. This eBook is meant to educate and inform service providers about the difference between the two from a technology and business perspective. Appcore has evaluated the overall architecture and stability of each from the service provider’s viewpoint in order to clarify the platform battle.

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Don't Miss Appcore at Cloud Expo Next Week

Next week Cloud Expo celebrates its fourteenth international event in New York City. Along with other cloud providers, Appcore will be exhibiting and attending throughout the week. Cloud computing is quickly becoming the norm for IT and enterprise, with service providers looking for the latest tools to deploy and manage both public and private clouds. Cloud Expo is the place to get information related to all things cloud.

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Understand the Reasons to Invest in Cloud as a Service Provider

Below is an excerpt from our eBook: How to Build a Cloud Business

Cloud computing solutions help companies access innovations in a rapidly changing environment. The technology landscape is continuously changing and it’s easy to fall behind the times, especially when you’re
locked into infrastructure that you own and maintain. Sure, you invest in hardware improvements, but can they ever truly be competitive with others in your industry that continue to have access to the latest and
greatest technology can offer?

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