What’s the Difference Between Public and Private Cloud Architecture?

Often times we are asked by service providers, “what is the difference between public and private clouds from an architecture perspective?” So we thought we would use this as an opportunity to address this question.

Public and private clouds are similar; both utilize the same CPU, memory, and storage resources to provide a fault tolerant platform for deploying virtual machines. The underlying orchestration engines, such as CloudStack or OpenStack, pay no mind to architectural design. After all, the main benefit of cloud architecture is the fact that regardless of which domain the cloud will be deployed in, the underlying hardware requirements are the same and span the gamut of available hardware for each individual component of the cloud infrastructure.

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Understand the Reasons to Invest in Cloud as a Service Provider

Below is an excerpt from our eBook: How to Build a Cloud Business

Cloud computing solutions help companies access innovations in a rapidly changing environment. The technology landscape is continuously changing and it’s easy to fall behind the times, especially when you’re
locked into infrastructure that you own and maintain. Sure, you invest in hardware improvements, but can they ever truly be competitive with others in your industry that continue to have access to the latest and
greatest technology can offer?

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How to Easily Implement New Cloud Solutions to Gain Market Share

As a successful service provider, value added reseller or MSP, you have already built a business by taking advantage of significant IT trends such as colocation, disaster recovery, VoIP and virtualization. But are you capitalizing on the most recent trend? Could you implement additional cloud solutions to enhance your market share?

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Appcore Introduces Program to Elevate Partner Profitability

Appcore recently announced the launch of a new services program designed to accelerate Appcore channel partners’ revenue and profit. The Appcore Partner Program will provide access to Appcore’s services portfolio and compensate service provider for the value of services they sell to their enterprise customers.

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Appcore AMP™ is Verified as Citrix Ready

Appcore and Citrix have been working together to deliver cloud environments for service providers for some time now. You may not know it, but Appcore has been installing and configuring CloudStack environments since before Citrix purchased Cloud.com in 2011. Since founded in 2008, Appcore has installed and configured over 30 service provider public and private cloud environments.

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