How to Easily Implement New Cloud Solutions to Gain Market Share

As a successful service provider, value added reseller or MSP, you have already built a business by taking advantage of significant IT trends such as colocation, disaster recovery, VoIP and virtualization. But are you capitalizing on the most recent trend? Could you implement additional cloud solutions to enhance your market share?

Appcore has taken the most complex cloud computing infrastructure elements and combined them into a simple, managed infrastructure system so you can tailor solutions for your customers. This blog post outlines the most common Appcore-powered solutions, for both public and private cloud, that you can start offering your customers immediately.

Public Cloud Solutions:


As a service provider you can help your customers replace or augment existing servers and datacenter capacity with a low-cost, high performance public cloud. Public cloud allows you to offer your customers resources on demand, through a pay-as-you-go model. Through this model your network resources and IT expenses are shared among users - resulting in lower cost while providing total elasticity; the sky’s the limit.  

Managed Services

Managed services removes the self-service provisioning from the equation and allows your administrators to provision resources for end users on demand using cloud automation tools. This model allows you to transfer management and support of their cloud to your team of infrastructure experts. Enabling your enterprise customers to go-to-market faster, reduce business risk and increase ROI.

Dedicated Infrastructure

Offer on demand resources built upon single-tenant infrastructure, centrally monitored and managed by your administrators. Ensure security and reduce the burden of your enterprise customers by providing dedicated infrastructure to your enterprise customers for only their applications; meeting all of their HIPAA and PCI compliance needs.

Private Cloud Solutions:

Managed Private Cloud

Private cloud offers the same virtualization benefits as a public cloud combined with increased flexibility and security. Managed private cloud allows you as a service provider to offer a solution for your enterprise customers who want to offload their monitoring and support. Offering them increased scalability, lower overall cost and ultimate freedom to manage their entire environment without relinquishing complete control. Unlike public cloud, managed private cloud services are sold on a monthly contract for businesses that are running enterprise critical applications.

Hosted Private Cloud

Through this model, your enterprise customers have the option to employ you as the service provider to host their infrastructure in your data center facilities. Private cloud technology allows enterprises to build a private cloud platform unique to their requirements. Appcore’s architecture can be built upon legacy infrastructure or include a complete stack of compute, storage, security and network, all in a dedicated environment.

On-Premise Private Cloud

As a service provider you can offer your enterprise customers the flexibility to choose the deployment options that match their business goals. With a secure, scalable option of on-premise cloud, you can fulfill the demand required for effective endpoint, data protection and compliance. This option offers your enterprise customers the opportunity to enhance their internal infrastructure by adding a private cloud solution on-premise, while allowing you to monitor and manage it.

It is clear that cloud computing is becoming the norm in many of today’s industries. With the demand of cloud services growing year after year, you can now extend your cloud offering to differentiate yourself. If you are looking to grow your monthly recurring revenue, margins and customer retention without additional operating costs, join Appcore’s Partner Program today.