Fundamentals of Building a Successful Cloud

As a service provider, offering cloud services is another way to add new products to your portfolio while also adding value to your current solutions. Now that you have made the decision to add cloud services, you may be asking yourself “What do I need to do in order to start offering cloud to my enterprise customers?” Below we have outlined the next steps and deliverables you should consider to build a successful cloud and the importance of each component.

Often times Appcore gets asked about the components needed to build a successful cloud and why it is necessary to develop these before discussing cloud architecture. As CloudStack consultants we believe that defining the business, technology and operational areas and the deliverable for each within your organization enable us to design your infrastructure to support your goals. Without these we can not customize your cloud to support the products and services you intend to provide.

We know it is imperative to understand the business, technology and operational criteria in order to build a successful cloud. Each of these areas provides a unique element to your cloud offering and are necessary to provide a holistic cloud solution.

The business layer establishes the goals, objectives, use cases and the products/services you intend to offer. The technology layer determines the best platform to transform your physical infrastructure into virtual infrastructure/capacity. While the operations layer helps the organization think about support, measurement, management and maintenance of the overall environment. Each of these components are critical in determining whether your cloud will be a success.  Below are just a few examples successful cloud deliverables: 

Business Layer: Service Descriptions, Product/Service Catalog, Pricing

Technology Layer: Cloud Automation, Infrastructure Design, Templates  

Operations Layer: Monitoring, Management Alerts, Maintenance

It’s important to have the deliverables for all three layers established before you move into the design phase of your cloud deployment. As a service provider this will help you ensure that your cloud architecture is designed to be compatible with your business, technology and operational goals.

We know that as a service provider these deliverables can seem cumbersome and overwhelming. Taking the appropriate steps ahead of time provides us the agility to deploy your cloud infrastructure within 60-90 days. During the deployment phase Appcore can be your partner to review these documents and offer suggestions based on our experience. Next week we will walk through Appcore’s process for assessing, designing and implementing your reference architecture. Tune in next week as I walk through our process phase by phase to give you a detailed understanding of how we help our service providers customers develop reference architecture.

photo credit: Diorama Sky