How You Can Leverage Cloud Automation Technology

There has been a lot of discussion about cloud automation technology, what it is and how to know if it's the solution for you. This post will discuss these and other topics related to cloud automation technology as a solution to enhance your cloud service model. Cloud automation technology is important for all cloud environments, especially when managing multiple zones, and gives you advantages over other cloud vendors that don't have cloud automation technology by providing a self-service model, automatic scaling and simple infrastructure management.

Create a Comprehensive Cloud Environment

Adding a cloud automation technology layer to your existing cloud environment allows you to present a highly sophisticated solution to your customers. A comprehensive cloud environment provides your customers an environment that is integrated between your hardware and software. This further facilitates a holistic cloud management system that is discussed in the next section.

Cloud automation technology not only creates a converged infrastructure system that lets your individual cloud pieces communicate, but it also integrates your billing and metering platform. This closes the loop among the components of your cloud allows more accuracy when they use these features of your cloud service model.

Simplify Your Cloud Management

Creating a simple management system for your cloud environment gives you perspective into the interworking of your cloud. From it, you can monitor environmental dynamics and networking, which lets you know when you need to upgrade your environment to accommodate for your growing customer base. Cloud management can help you see where your cloud system needs attention and allows you to provide an environment that is guaranteed to meet your customers' needs.

Using cloud management based on cloud automation technology gives you a comprehensive look at the overall environment of your cloud (like temperature of your hardware), the amount of available storage (SAN), cloud traffic (IOPS) and other features. Monitoring these metrics can help you determine when you need to upgrade or reconfigure your cloud environment to provide your customers with the resources they need. 

Save Money

The true cloud environment, according to a 2012 InformationWeek article, cannot exist without cloud automation technology. This is what allows your customers to access a self-service model. The customers' ability to launch their cloud servers and applications is a distinct advantage of implementing cloud automation technology for your environment that saves your business money. Since customers can launch these with no necessary IT expertise, you don't need to hire additional personnel for support and they no longer need to manually launch VMs.

Using cloud automation technology reduces the time needed to integrate your cloud service model's software and hardware components. This time you save translates into savings for your company because your valuable IT resources are available to address other mission-critical tasks rather than working full-time to maintain your cloud environment for your end users.

Do You Need Cloud Automation Technology

Everyone that has a cloud needs cloud automation technology. The extent to which you implement and use it is dependent upon your company's unique preferences. As noted in the InformationWeek article, cloud automation technology improves both the bottom line and customer satisfaction. Selling a cloud environment that includes cloud automation technology creates a system for your end users that is more stable and saves your company money. While there is an initial upfront cost, it is well worth the investment that will help you attract and retain customers, and require little to no attention from your technical staff.

Finding a partner that can provide this type of hardware and software integration to enhance your cloud environment is key to your success in the cloud computing industry. Partner with a company that can meet your unique needs and offers full cloud automation technology to your end users. The investment now will make all the difference for your future.