How to Use Cloud: 5 Ways to Prepare your Leadership Team

Launching a new product is a big undertaking, to say the least. It can come with stress and confusion, but it doesn’t have to. With careful planning and communication, you can smoothly and effectively lead your team to a successful new product implementation. This post is specifically for management personnel preparing their team to sell cloud resources to their customers, and discusses the importance of leadership commitment to your team throughout the new product implementation process. 


Your customers should always be your top focus. Creating a positive experience for them will facilitate more business and generate positive reviews about your company and its products and services surrounding cloud computing. Preparing your employees and providing the right tools to perform their tasks will enhance your end user experience and deliver positive feedback from your market. Arming your employees with tools that can be used to supplement their pitch can help them communicate clearly with potential customers and give them talking points to ensure a cohesive message is being delivered.


Think about what you would like to tell your team as they begin selling cloud computing environments and choose a business partner that can help you educate your staff. Instilling a positive message with your team that lays out your expectations and communicates how you want them to talk about compute resources to your customers. Leading by example is the most effective way to show your employees how they should talk about, sell and maintain cloud solutions. Knowing this, you should carefully plan these elements of the customer experience and deliver them to your team to create a concise message. 


Putting together a solid plan to give to your staff can decrease confusion that surrounds implementation of your cloud computing solutions within your sales department. Creating a document that visually communicates this process can help clarify the sales process for your employees and make them more familiar with a new procedure. 


Create an environment that gets your team excited about selling cloud computing environments. Offering incentives and training programs for your team can help them become more comfortable with your cloud computing solution offering and encourage them to sell. Another incentive for long-term support solutions can include a split commission in which the sales representative receives a portion of their commission at the point of sale and the remaining commission after a set amount of time.


A daunting word that not many care to speak of, it is necessary to acknowledge failures and to have a contingency plan to move your team forward as they adjust to selling cloud computing services. This shows your employees that you are willing to be transparent and honest with them, you are on the same team trying to make cloud resources work well for your end users and you will overcome the setback you might be facing.

The key to moving through setbacks is to communicate clearly and develop a plan of action. By explaining to your employees the methods being used to correct any setback and giving them a realistic, concrete timeframe for correction can reduce the amount of confusion and frustration that accompanies an issue. This is the kind of encouraging message you should be sending to your employees if they encounter disappointment 

As management staff, it is your duty to provide a positive environment for your employees and lead them to increased sales of your cloud computing environment. Introducing a new product line is never easy, but by addressing failure, focusing on your customers, preparing a pitch for your team, rallying employees and implementing a solid process for them, you can ensure success for your business’ cloud computing solution offering.