The Importance of Converged Infrastructure in your Cloud Environment

According to ZDNet, “A true converged infrastructure is one that is not only pretested and preconfigured but also and more importantly pre-integrated; in other words it ships out as a single SKU and product to the customer.” Because the infrastructure is coming to you as a complete unit, you only need to contact the purchase vendor for support, rather than the manufacturers of the individual components, simplifying the support process.

When businesses look for a cloud computing model, many are looking for the cloud environment that best suits their business model. Recommended standards to look for are support after the sale, seamless integration, a single vendor relationship and ease of use. In addition to these standards, you should also consider the availability of converged infrastructure for your platform. Some vendors offer quick deployment of servers and virtual machines or an appstore with pre-configured applications for launch.

 “With the pace of innovation of virtual servers, storage and networking, each of these is not synchronized with the other components, driving up complexity exponentially. By bringing a pre-selected best-of-breed approach, a converged solution can provide invaluable benefits to the end user,” said Michael Keen, CTO of Appcore.

There are several benefits of using a platform with converged infrastructure, such as:

  • Driving consistency in deployment, ease of administration and increased performance
  • Taking your virtualization maturity to the next level
  • Driving further adoption of internal shared services
  • Creating a smoother path to internal private cloud
  • More efficient installation and support

When you are using converged infrastructure, it becomes easier to utilize and deploy virtual machines because you don’t have to do any development work to integrate the individual components of your cloud; it is literally plug and play. Utilizing converged infrastructure enables users to manage resources from a central location, further simplifying administration. Performance increases because of how well the pieces integrate, and development is done by the cloud provider. These are key components of the infrastructure that work to each other's strengths, enhancing performance.

Converged infrastructure also enhances virtualization maturity. Virtualization environments are generally converged to an extent with compute, storage and network. They are missing the key components that allow you to get a holistic view of your environment and perform administrative tasks from one central location. This is a possibility through a converged platform and features a portal with integrated usage monitoring for bandwidth, storage, compute and licensing, allowing you to accurately monitor resource allocation within the environment and bill for resources consumed.

Because of how easy and efficient it is to use a single platform, converged infrastructure will drive further adoption of internal shared services and enable employees to work at any time from anywhere. With all components of your cloud environment working in tandem, file sharing becomes simple for any business, allowing you to quickly access files. Using quick launch technology enables workers to have their virtual machines and applications within minutes, giving them necessary resources on-demand.

Converged infrastructure creates a smoother path to internal private cloud implementation. Again, all of the integration is done for you, making your cloud deployment instantaneous. Because the environment is monitored and controlled by one central location, it is very easy to migrate to an internal private cloud with a complete view of your environment.

After extensive integration and development testing, your infrastructure is deployed as a single unit, minimizing installation time and streamlining support. Using your established single vendor relationship, installation of your unit can be done with a single team of experts. This same team can be contacted for support issues, further simplifying already limited maintenance for infrastructure.

It is evident that converged infrastructure is an important part of an efficient cloud environment. Utilizing a converged platform can enhance your existing virtualization platform and offer several benefits to your business. Taking advantage of these benefits can launch your business to the next level by further simplifying your business processes and enhancing your cloud strategy.