White Label Cloud: The Benefits to Small and Medium Sized Businesses

We’ve seen a multitude of different types of cloud models emerge in the last three years. After exploring options for the type of cloud models your business can utilize, many small to medium sized businesses are choosing to use a new type, referred to as white label cloud. This option offers the possibilities of cloud computing to businesses without the capital expense required for cloud infrastructure.

Businesses risk losing out on vital revenue opportunities if they do not take advantage of cloud and its cost efficiency. Even more important is the risk of losing their existing customer base to the big name cloud players. Recognizing the barriers to access of Infrastructure-as-a-Service, resellers have started partnering with established cloud providers to white label their services. This allows them to retain their existing customers while also appealing to new ones.

A white label cloud partner can provide many benefits. A single vendor relationship provides the infrastructure necessary for your cloud environment, allowing you to seek support from a dedicated team versus finding support for the individual components of your cloud from their respective suppliers. The partner focuses on cloud infrastructure computing, which enables you to sell pre-packaged applications and cloud services to your customers. This enhances the selling process because you are able to dedicate your time solely to selling instead of dividing time between supporting your cloud and selling. An automated cloud system allows end users to launch applications without technical knowledge, further widening your customer base and increasing your revenue. 

White label cloud offers the benefits of cloud computing and is hosted in an off-premise location. As a customer, you receive a pre-built and configured custom cloud business, branded for your business. This enables you to sell cloud services quickly and without any additional application development.

Using white label has many advantages for small to medium sized businesses. Some of the key benefits are listed below:

    • Dramatically lower time-to-market
    • Grow customer revenue
    • Reduce delivery costs
    • Easy to deploy and scale
    • Drive increased customer retention
    • Focus on what you do best

White label cloud is a simple cloud solution for companies interested in offering cloud services to their customers or utilizing them internally. It provides a new opportunity to enhance your revenue stream by offering cloud servers, applications, data storage and disaster recovery options and ensures that your employees always have access to mission-critical business data.