What is Multi-Cloud Management?

Today, the term multi-cloud is being used to describe different components within the layers of the cloud stack. As a service provider this can be confusing when trying to choose the management tools necessary to manage your cloud environment.

With the release of our latest multi-cloud management software, Appcore Atlas, we thought it would be relevant to describe the different uses of multi-cloud solutions and how it applies to you as a service provider.  

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2015 Cloud Trends for Service Providers

This year Appcore will be exhibitig and speaking at the 15th International Cloud Expo in Santa Clara. As part of the program, we had the opportunity to predict cloud market trends in 2015.

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Webinar Q&A: Citrix CloudPlatform for Service Providers: It Just Works!

Last month Appcore partnered with Citrix to host our latest webinar, Citrix CloudPlatform for Service Providers: It Just Works. During the webinar, we discussed various topics including the competitive cloud landscape, the benefits of Citrix CloudPlatform for service providers and the pitfalls to avoid when deploying a cloud.

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CloudPlatform 4.3 - Increasing Flexibility and Options for Service Providers

Today, Appcore’s partner, Citrix announced the availability of Citrix CloudPlatform™ 4.3, a single unified cloud orchestration solution powered by Apache CloudStack. The latest version of this cloud solution from Citrix includes functionality for service providers to manage their cloud environment. 

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Experiencing Startup Weekend Des Moines Firsthand

If there was any question about if the startup scene in Des Moines was still active, startup weekend should settle that. This past weekend, I got the opportunity to experience Startup Weekend Des Moines. As an employee of a growing technology company, I appreciate the opportunity to network and experience the creative ideas of other entrepreneurs in the community. 

This year there were 31 pitches, 37 participants, 7 teams, and a two way tie for first. It was hosted at Startup City in downtown Des Moines. The weekend was a flurry of activity starting with pitches; individuals came with ideas, any idea they thought would make for a good startup. These ideas covered a significant range of topics from a hardware solution to putting your local businesses open/closed status on the internet, to a company that delivers local food from the region you long for. Ideas also included a site to rate the awesomeness of beards and a site to track your wedding guest list.

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