Types of Cloud Computing: Private, Public and Hybrid Clouds

A recent study conducted by KPMG found that 81% of businesses were either evaluating cloud services, planned a cloud implementation or had already implemented a cloud strategy. Fewer than one in 10 said they had no immediate plans to start using the cloud. No matter how businesses decide to move to the cloud, one thing's clear: they are moving to the cloud.

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Choosing a Cloud Partner for your Data Center: 5 Tips for Making the Right Choice

Adding cloud computing to the data center product portfolio is proving to be a smart strategy for providers looking to maximize their revenue per square footage and offer the latest technology to their customers. Integrating cloud automation enables data centers to not only improve operational efficiency for their customers, but also for themselves, by reducing the time required for IT staff to monitor and manage critical application infrastructure.

Companies are increasingly looking to reduce IT expenses and improve their operation efficiency. With data center facilities already built to support the performance and capacity requirements the cloud demands, not taking advantage of cloud computing would be a valuable market opportunity missed.

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Cloud Computing vs Virtualization: There Is A Difference

In the many meetings that we have at customer sites, conferences, seminars, and other industry events, one conversation point that we continually come into is the difference between Cloud Computing and Virtualization. The “cloud” has become a term shrouded in confusion.  Many IT organizations position themselves to be “doing cloud” to satisfy the questions from the business and other executives, because they believe virtualization to be synonymous. While virtualization is an integral part of cloud computing, they are not the same thing.

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