Why You Should Use a CloudStack Consultant to Implement Your Cloud Solution?

Last week in our blog post, Fundamentals of Building a Successful Cloud, we discussed the deliverables you should consider when implementing a cloud solution. In today’s blog post we have outlined the phases that Appcore walks through in order to implement the perfect cloud solution for our service provider clients.

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Fundamentals of Building a Successful Cloud

As a service provider, offering cloud services is another way to add new products to your portfolio while also adding value to your current solutions. Now that you have made the decision to add cloud services, you may be asking yourself “What do I need to do in order to start offering cloud to my enterprise customers?” Below we have outlined the next steps and deliverables you should consider to build a successful cloud and the importance of each component.

Often times Appcore gets asked about the components needed to build a successful cloud and why it is necessary to develop these before discussing cloud architecture. As CloudStack consultants we believe that defining the business, technology and operational areas and the deliverable for each within your organization enable us to design your infrastructure to support your goals. Without these we can not customize your cloud to support the products and services you intend to provide.

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Understand the Reasons to Invest in Cloud as a Service Provider

Below is an excerpt from our eBook: How to Build a Cloud Business

Cloud computing solutions help companies access innovations in a rapidly changing environment. The technology landscape is continuously changing and it’s easy to fall behind the times, especially when you’re
locked into infrastructure that you own and maintain. Sure, you invest in hardware improvements, but can they ever truly be competitive with others in your industry that continue to have access to the latest and
greatest technology can offer?

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How to Easily Implement New Cloud Solutions to Gain Market Share

As a successful service provider, value added reseller or MSP, you have already built a business by taking advantage of significant IT trends such as colocation, disaster recovery, VoIP and virtualization. But are you capitalizing on the most recent trend? Could you implement additional cloud solutions to enhance your market share?

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vCloud Director vs Appcore AMP: Understanding the Cloud Roadmap

Today's blog post is a chapter from our latest eBook; vCloud Director vs Appcore AMP - Which Path is Right for you as a Service Provider. Our goal is to inform and educate service providers on the issues and foresight that is required when investing in a cloud orchestration solution so you can better understand which path is right for you. 

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